The naked pizza dare

The naked pizza dare is a prank commonly played on a pizza delivery guy. Order a pizza, put a towel around you, and when the pizza delivery guy shows up at your door, perform your best towel drop.
He'll get an eyeful and, with your strategically placed webcam or video camera, you will be able to immortalize his reaction.
Here's our selection of pizza dare videos.

Another bottomless pizza dare

The pizzaman even tries to check her out!


  1. this is one of the best ones. She's so hot. I'd really like to find more videos of her :(

  2. I would like to see front view. lucky pizza guy!

  3. She is smoking hot, makes me want to take a part time job delivering pizza.

  4. Great effort. Good t see her give him a good view and him checking her out. Must try the same thing!!