The naked pizza dare

The naked pizza dare is a prank commonly played on a pizza delivery guy. Order a pizza, put a towel around you, and when the pizza delivery guy shows up at your door, perform your best towel drop.
He'll get an eyeful and, with your strategically placed webcam or video camera, you will be able to immortalize his reaction.
Here's our selection of pizza dare videos.

The pizza guy runs away!

Good pizza dare, but a very, very shy delivery man. No sound unfortunately.


  1. i got sound from it

    you just need to crank up your volume

  2. See if I were to do this I would get arrested not fair man

  3. Oh those tits! She is such a sexy little thing! I would love to deliver a pizza to her! That kid will never forget that day!

  4. "I'd totally fuck him" you can hear her say it about 2 minutes in. And she kisses him and grabs his dick. and he runs away. What the fuck. What the fuck.