The naked pizza dare

The naked pizza dare is a prank commonly played on a pizza delivery guy. Order a pizza, put a towel around you, and when the pizza delivery guy shows up at your door, perform your best towel drop.
He'll get an eyeful and, with your strategically placed webcam or video camera, you will be able to immortalize his reaction.
Here's our selection of pizza dare videos.

Girl groped during pizza delivery

Bet she didn't expect that! This is one cheeky pizza delivery man...


  1. Heather from Helotes Texas22 March 2012 at 14:07

    I love to go to the door naked and do so on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes my husband is home and sometimes he is not. He never minds, but I always tell him about it. I assume that if I am going to be naked, occasionally guys are going to feel me up a bit. I am 5'3", 114 pounds, long black hair, and "C" cup firm breasts. I always wear black, 4" heels and other than that I am completely naked. I like to talk and flirt and if a guy touches me, I always say, "Oh baby, does that feel good to you cause it does to me." If you have it and you like to flaunt it, expect it to be admired, touched and appreciated.

  2. So where do I deliever the Pizza too,? I live in Houston, where do you live?