The naked pizza dare

The naked pizza dare is a prank commonly played on a pizza delivery guy. Order a pizza, put a towel around you, and when the pizza delivery guy shows up at your door, perform your best towel drop.
He'll get an eyeful and, with your strategically placed webcam or video camera, you will be able to immortalize his reaction.
Here's our selection of pizza dare videos.

Naked dare

Ok, this naked dare isn't strictly a pizza dare, as it involves a chinese takeaway... Still pretty good though!


  1. Nice one. I hate this bad camera angles, though. The dude was taller than the door, haha. Keep em coming.

  2. Pretty nice! Sexy chick for sure. I wonder if he was crazy tall or she's pretty short or maybe both but very nice!

  3. hey do it with just a small purse and dont go for the towel right away try to cover up with your hands more frontal longer duration but still make it look like an accident-

  4. "I hate the bad camera angles"... really? where are the ones you recorded yourself and posted?

  5. I'm so confused. Is it fake in the sense that it wasn't a real delivery? Obviously it's staged, but was the delivery guy real or not? Who is this girl? I really want to know the background of this towel drop!

    1. I guess no one had an answer to the last question...because I agree with that guy...I really want to know what happened here. Know she was taken off pizza towel drops, so mayben she didn't want to be on the web...but did she really do this to a real guy or was the entire thing staged?

  6. What a sweet little body she has!